Our Projects


Launched a three-year project Good Work in the Municipality (together with the organizations Nová škola o.p.s. and Multicultural Centre Prague z.s.)


Study on Social Exclusion and Rural Housing (together with Praguewatch z.s. and the Platform for Social Housing)

Community Garden Konšelská, Prague 8

Research on zero tolerance policies in Litvínov and Duchcov


Qualitative study on “motivation to work” (together with Multicultural Centre Prague)

Situational analysis of the Frýdlant region (together with the Seventh Continent, o.s.)


Study When does work pay? Analysis of economic motivations for employment (together with Multicultural Centre Prague)

Conference “Roma Access to Housing: the Dilemma of Housing First and Housing Ready”

Zero Tolerance Study (internal study for the Agency for Social Inclusion)

Participation in the project Local Engagement for Roma Inclusion (European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights)


Situational analyses in localities selected for cooperation with the Agency for Social Inclusion in 2012 and 2013 – Kraslice, Krnov, Žlutice

Civil society monitoring report on the implementation of the National Roma Integration Strategy and the Decade Action Plan in the Czech Republic in 2012 – for the Decade of Roma Inclusion Secretariat Foundation

Analysis of data on indebtedness (on the example of Děčín) – contract for the Agency for Social Inclusion


Evaluation in local partnerships in localities from 2011 – Kolín, Mělník – commission for the Agency for Social Inclusion